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Mobile Fighter G-Pony Episode 1
"Greetings and salutations everypony," a voice said as a spotlight flared on, revealing a well-dressed earth pony stallion sitting on a stool, wearing a tailored black suit over his cream colored coat. As he turned to face forward it was shown that his right eye was covered by an eye patch and he had a well-kept mustache of the same black color as his mane and tail.
"My name is of little importance, but for the time being, you may call me MR," MR said as a screen slowly descended next to him and turned on to show the wonderful landscape of Equestria, all vibrant and healthy. "Now, let me give you a little history of the world as it is today. For countless centuries, the land of Equestria has been peacefully ruled by the princesses Celestia and Luna. Yet, as it is with any type of long winded rule, there eventually came dissenters and those who opposed the princesses' rule over the land." The screen changed quickly now as MR spoke, showing scene after scene of ponies and other intellige
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Battle Suit Jasmine by elleoser Battle Suit Jasmine :iconelleoser:elleoser 379 42
Dear Princess Luna...: Chapter 2
The Elements of Harmony
  "Ah! The air up here is as refreshing as ever, don't you think Twilight?"
It was early morning above Canterlot castle where Princess Luna stood. She was at the highest point of the highest spire with her wings and head raised, feeling the breeze caress her hide.
  "Yes Princess." Twilight Sparkle said calmly; she was used to answering the exact same question every morning as Luna watched the sun. "There is a slight chill to it today though." Luna laughed quietly although it was barely audible over the whistling of the wind.
  "But that makes it all the more refreshing." The alicorn mare folded her wings again and turned to face her protégé. "Are your friends awake yet?" Twilight frowned a little; she didn't like the other ponies being referred to as her friends.
  "Not yet I believe Princess." She responded, keeping her composure as she spoke. "Applejack may be up but I have my doubts about the others."
:iconkrystalkream:KrystalKream 3 9
Friendship is Prime: Chapter Four
It was quite a spectacle for each side to behold.  A group of humans and giant alien robots had now come face to face with a squad of six candy-colored miniature talking ponies.  They were probably only slightly taller than Rafael and just below Miko in height.  Neither party was sure how to behold these strange new sights that lay right in front of their eyes.
"Ratchet," Arcee said with her stunned expression still fixed on the unusual creatures.  "What exactly are we looking at?"
"It would appear that these are the ones who promised to help us."  Racthet mused in an exasperated tone, his gazed also not turning away from this spectacle.  "But I still can't believe it…"
"Are those…ponies?"  was all Jack could muster.
"And unicorns, and pegasi?"  Rafeal continued the question in an equally delirious manner.
"It's like an 8-year-old girl's dream come to life," Miko uttered in surprise.
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Mature content
Dry Bones :iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 6 3
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 4
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 4 starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
Moments later, there was a loud whoosh as a multi-coloured streak flew overhead and Rainbow Dash came in to land on the cloud not far away from the assembled group and quickly trotted up to them.
"It's so awesome that you guys could all come!" she said, grinning at her friends. Then she bowed to Celestia and Luna, saying "Spitfire sends her apologies, Your Highnesses  - she's still not happy with some of the choreography and she wants to fit in as much rehearsal as possible before tonight."
Celestia smiled. "It sounds as if you have a wonderful show prepared for us tonight."
Rainbow nodded enthusiastically, but then frowned suddenly. "I just hope everything goes according to plan…" …and nopony screws anything up! A vision of a certain blonde-maned Pegasus pony with quizzical eyes appeared before her and she resisted groaning out loud.
But Rainbow
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Sari's Quest 18
"Alright," Sari yells the next morning, "Let's get moving!"
"You know how I feel about the wake-up call!" Ratchet grumbled to himself.
"We need to find out what Team Galactic is planning here," Optimus announced.
"We could start our search in the Great Marsh," Prowl offers helpfully.
"He just wants to check out the tree's," Bumblebee comments to Bulkhead. When Bumblebee looks back at Prowl, Prowl pounces, pinning Bumblebee to the ground.
"I do not want to 'Check out' the tree's I have an avid interest in what we're trying to accomplish here," Prowl growls. He then gets off of Bumblebee and returns to his previous spot.
"I still think he's after the tree's," Bumblebee whispers.
"That's it!" Prowl yells, he then tackles and starts battling Bumblebee.
"Enough!" Optimus yells, "You two need to stop fighting so we can get some work done around here," Optimus calms down, "Prowl, can you go to the Great Marsh by yourself?"
"Of course."
"Fine, then the rest of us will take care of Sari's Gym B
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Librarian Twilight by RidingEngenere Librarian Twilight :iconridingengenere:RidingEngenere 38 34 Twilight Sparkle Ford Focus by nrxia Twilight Sparkle Ford Focus :iconnrxia:nrxia 22 11 Powerpuff Ponies by Agirl3003 Powerpuff Ponies :iconagirl3003:Agirl3003 331 88 KH Twilight Sparkle by Sakuyamon KH Twilight Sparkle :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 3,366 463 my little gargoyle by briannacherrygarcia my little gargoyle :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 10,223 1,581 Commission: Nightmare Moon by jadenkaiba Commission: Nightmare Moon :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,005 90
A Princess's Mission Chapter 1
Luna looked out at the dark lands of Equestria. She leaned against the stone railing that surrounded the balcony of her room, in the second highest tower of Canterlot Castle, the first belonging to her sister. She soon found her eyes landing on the small town of Ponyville, watching as lights went out, one after another, as the inhabitants retired to bed. She let out a long sigh, her eyes dropping to stare at her hands, which were folded and resting on the carefully carved balcony border. Yes, she knew not many people stayed up to enjoy her beautiful nights, but it pained her to see the loneliness that turned her into the dreaded Nightmare Moon, stare at her in the face again.
"Problem, sister?" Luna nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt a hand suddenly land on her shoulder, though she turned her head to find Celestia's smiling face beside her. "You looked like something was troubling you… is something wrong?"
Luna shook her head. "Oh, no, of course not. Everything
:iconjohnisuber:Johnisuber 54 30
My Little Pony-Beast Wars: Predator's Moon Ch. 1-1
A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Transformers: Beast Wars Crossover
By Atomic Chinchilla
Chapter 1
Such Stuff as Nightmares are Made On
Long, long ago, in the farthest, darkest depths of the universe, there arose a great blackness. A nameless, formless void of malevolence, it yearned to destroy all light and make the cosmos as dark as itself. Stretching its claws ever upward, it wove its way between the stars, blotting them out one by one. When by fate or by chance it came to a small world called Equestria, it sensed a power there unlike anything else it had known: two sisters, each governing a celestial body of the planet. The older and more powerful sister wielded the might of the sun itself and caused it to rise and set around the planet with her own will instead of a natural orbit. Likewise, the younger sister directed the moon and held he night as her domain. The blackness crept closer and closer to Equestria, hiding and observing from behind the moo
:iconatomic-chinchilla:Atomic-Chinchilla 161 133
Okami Celestia by ShadowSaber Okami Celestia :iconshadowsaber:ShadowSaber 273 18


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